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Release Notes HTML Planner 2.x


20.04.2018 Release Notes (v2.01.14)

  • Duration is changed for task which has "As soon as possible" parameter and "Start Day" no matched with "Expected Launch Date".
  • Description field for Milestone.
  • Update Constraint Date for all task with Constrain Type = ASAP on project initiation when Expected Launch Date is changed.
  • Investigate if it is possible to add Close button.
  • [Global-Gant] - Open Projects Gantt button does not work.
  • Rename button in [Global-Gant] - Open Projects Gantt.
  • [Global-Gant] - Sections Vertical delimiter - collapse/expand buttons same as for Project Gantt.
  • [Global Gantt] report issue dialog.

30.03.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.13)

  • Improvement: Selection after Copy/paste of Phases
  • Rename "Milestone" to "Deliverable"
  • Dialog corners
  • Double-clicking on non-editable columns
  • Items Properties dialog
  • [Multi-projects Gantt] Improvement: All projects of the resource are not displayed in Workload block
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Show Workload block in Multi-projects Gantt
  • Gantt chart does not consider first day of the week and week-ends

23.03.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.12)

  • Collapse button does not work as expected;
  • Improvement: [Global Gant] The values in the last column are displayed not fully
  • Improvement: The arrows for changing of Table Gant size are displayed on "Baseline" menu
  • Phase in multi-projects Gantt - strange behavior
  • "Insert link from external project" dialog
  • Improvement: Remaining Load is not displayed for a resource
  • [Milestone] The text next to a Milestone is displayed at a distance from the icon
  • Allow to do Timeshift by Drag &Drop for several tasks in Gantt block
  • Import from MSP XML does work now
  • Better manage resources no longer in the Participants
  • Add a notification when unable to import plan data.

15.03.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.11)

  • Improvement:[Baseline] Baseline should be displayed fully even if its dates are earlier or later than the project dates
  • Insert sub-project does not work if an entry is focused
  • Insert link from external link does not work in v. 2.01.9
  • Do not sum Planned load of cancelled tasks in the phases
  • Add the German translation
  • 3 digits in Item properties - resources - planned load
  • Cannot copy to clipboard the field Information from the "Report an issue" dialog
  • Context menu - remove extra menu delimiter
  • The system sends GET request on workload when user saves or unsaved data
  • [Project Gantt/Multi-projects-Gantt] not needed 'restapi/resource/undefined/workload' GET request while sending 'data' POST request
  • Add the restriction for the'Scale gantt width to... pages' field.
  • Add the dot symbol at the end of the Lock warning message in the [Project Gantt/Multi-projects-Gantt] modules
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Add the displaying the Browser Alert with Warning when a user leaves a page without saving.
  • Improvement: [Multi-projects-Gantt] "Insert" task should create a new task immediately below selected project (even if the project is collapsed)
  • Improvement: [Multi-projects-Gantt] The "outdent" icon is active although such activity is not available
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Phase outdent does not work properly

01.03.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.08)

  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] project locks - warning message (important for 1st release)
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Show error when user tries to link entities from different projects
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] - disable creating entities when the 'exclude' parameter is presented (important for 1-st release)
  • Improvement: [project locks] [Edge/IE11] the name of the locked project is not displayed on the warning message pop-up

21.02.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.07)

  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support adding new task
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Allow to Cory/Paste tasks
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support Auto-linking on Inserting tasks
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support Edit and Delete Resources
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support baseline saving
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Allow to Add Resource in all projects
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Do request POST /restapi/lock in [editLockPingDelay] seconds
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support replace resources
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Improvement: Phase inside Project can do "outdent" and it can become a project

12.02.2018 Release Notes (v.2.01.05)

  • Workloads for tasks are showed incorrectly
  • Improvement: The values to be printed in "Priority" column differ for the same object
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Support adding new task
  • Improve adding versions for frontend


03.04.2018 Release Notes

  • Support flexible first day of the week and week-ends
  • Support unlocking of a lock in [Project Gantt/Multi-projects Gantt]
  • New assignments cannot be opened
  • Disable change reservation status from "In progress" to "Requested" if it has an actual start date

23.03.2018 Release Notes

  • Improvement: Initialization of deliverable workflows not working
  • Disable change reservation status from "In progress" to "Requested" if it has an actual start date
  • The planner is trying to load sub-project data that does not exist any more.
  • Do not remove Phase if it has hidden child entries
  • [Not assigned] assignments issue

16.03.2018 Release Notes

  • The Assigned person in the Gantt must be put both in the Author and AssignedTo field
  • BLI #6966 Some data is no longer updated when synchronizing a Gantt - Assignment UpdateCashFlowData
  • Default assigned task status not as expected
  • BLI #5981 While HTML Planner is open in edit mode timesheet inputs will be lost after saving the Gantt - Disable Actual data update
  • Exclude Completed and Cancelled projects from the workload chart
  • Improvement: Investigate why not all projects are shown in Table
  • Milestone Name Assignments Fixes

26.02.2018 Release Notes

  • Backend: support "Add-new-column-text-column" - 200 symbols text item
  • Milestone Workflow - multiple assignments are removed after saving
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Projects Lock
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] add filter option "exclude tasks and milestones"
  • [Multi-projects-Gantt] Gantt Edit
  • Issue with shifting dates on servers with different time zones
  • Import Plan - ignore Genius Project XML data
  • BLI #6989. Old versions of deliverables appear in the views
  • BLI #6941. [Multi-projects Gantt] dialog changes
  • BLI #6944. Task with actual load can be deleted - assignments are still deleting
  • BLI #5981. While HTML Planner is open in edit mode timesheet inputs will be lost after saving the Gantt - do not update actual dates, actual load, status Completed
  • Test a workload issue with a task date range more than 1 year
  • [Multi-projects Gantt] - support external links
  • BLI #6966 - project workload
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